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It's not your fault.

Human error. Identity theft. Sloppy accounting. You don't deserve it, but you're definitely paying for it. If you like high interest rates and paying more for things, stop reading and go on with your day.

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Credit agencies
don't care about you.

Have you ever been contacted by Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion to let you know something is wrong with your credit report? Their business is to SELL your data.

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Fight back and
fix your credit.

You can do this! It is your right. Do not let them take advantage of you. These companies cannot be trusted. You can force debt collectors to validate your debt.


Did you know?

Most Americans don't know they can dispute credit report entries and force debt collection companies to validate their debt.

Do you know how?

Most Americans don't know how to dispute credit report entries and debt collections.

The survey’s finding that only 42 percent of consumers who thought they experienced an error with a debt in collection disputed the error suggests consumers are uncertain about how to dispute a debt in collection or that they believe that disputes require too much time and effort relative to the expected benefit.

Our Strategy

  1. Fight Back!
  2. Dispute, dispute, dispute. They don't want you to.
  3. Use a strong debt validation letter.
  4. Every American should dispute errors and alleged debt collections.
  5. Challenge these organizations to disclose their data collection methods and system security audits.
  6. Submit Your Complaints.
  7. Join The Movement.

What is in the letter? Consumer protection.

Your demands and defense, written clear in purpose, correct in logic, concise in reasoning, and complete in coverage.

  • Language that informs the debt collector that you know your rights
  • Language that forces the debt collector to comply with law
  • Language that levels the playing field for you

Get The Letter

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Who is this letter for? Anyone who wants to fight a debt collector.

If you are interested in attacking the source of bad entries on your credit report, this letter is for you.

  • People who want to remove old or bad credit entries in their credit report
  • People who want to clean up their credit report
  • People who are sick and tired of debt collectors harrasing them

Get The Letter

What is included? A powerful letter with easy instructions.

You will instantly receive via email, everything you need, ready to be used.

  • One letter (in several formats, so you can open it without any problems)
  • Easy how-to instructions
  • Supporting material
  • Free lifetime updates

Get The Letter

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Why should I buy from you? A history of great results.

Why should I buy your letter when I can find one on the internet for free?

  • A free letter is only great in price, not in results.
  • Yes, you can get a free sample letter straight from the FTC website, but are you interested in a generic letter?
  • Our letter, has been used in real-life, by real people, with real results.
  • Our letter is different and highly researched.

Get The Letter

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Debt Validation Letter


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  • A Complete Strategy
  • Accurate Supporting Documents
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If you decide this isn’t working for you, contact our support team, and show us you actually did the work (and sent your letters out), and we’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.

This is what you get when you make this purchase.


(3 pages) debt validation template file sample


  • How-To-Use-This-Template.docx
  • Follow-Up-Letter-Credit-Bureau.docx
  • Follow-Up-Letter-Debt-Collector.docx
  • Complaint-Letter-Attorney-General.docx
  • How-To-Submit-Complaint-To-BBB.docx
  • How-To-Submit-Complaint-To-CFPB.docx
  • Verified-Useful-Links.docx
  • Plus more very useful documents...


Bad Credit AND Errors Ruin The Biggest Events In Your Life

interest rate icon

High Interest Rates

You always pay the highest interest rates, which means you always pay more for the basics: house/apartment, utilities, car, insurance, cell phone, etc.

loan denied icon

Credit and Loan Applications Denied

It becomes stressful and embarrasing filling out application for things you need. If you are considered a risk, creditors will not lend to you.

 expensive apt icon

Apartments Become More Expensive

Rental applications require a credit check, which may result in you having to pay a higher security deposity if your credit is bad.

pay more icon

Pay More For Everyday Services

Applying for utility services like water, electric, or gas, is the same as applying for credit. A bad credit report will require an upfront deposit just to get started.

cable-internet-cell icon

Access To Technology Becomes Difficult

Cable/Internet and cell phone companies check credit history for payments. You may have to settle for a cheaper prepaid phone or pay a large upfront deposit to get the phone you want.

job search icon

Access To Technology Becomes Difficult

Cable/Internet and cell phone companies check credit history for payments. You may have to settle for a cheaper prepaid phone or pay a large upfront deposit to get the phone you want.

insurance cost icon

Higher Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies believe people with low credit scores file more claims. As a result, a bad credit report can result in paying more for auto, life, and home insurance.


Pressure on Spouse/Marriage

The spouse with the better credit is usually the one who applies for the loans and credit cards. This may create unnecessary tension and uneven financial burden on a relationship.

debt collector icon

Debt Collectors Are Calling

If past due bills are the cause of your bad credit reports. It probably means debt collectors are contacting you. And you know how we feel about them.

business loans icon

Starting A Business Become Tougher

Most entreprenuers need bank loans or lines of credit to start their business. Poor credit history can limit the amount you are able to borrow or result in loan denial.

car loan icon

Buying A Car Sucks

Bad credit usually means car loans with the highest interest rates. This means higher monthly payments and paying thousands of dollars more over the length of the loan.

cash for everything icon

You Must Pay Cash For Everything

It is tough getting approved for a credit card when you have bad credit, which means cash is your only option. So, if you need to pay $700 for tires, you better have $700 cash.

low credit icon

Low Credit Limits

Poor credit only allows for low credit card limits, which makes it easier to max out your cards. Consequently, this generates a high debt utilization ratio, which also hurts your credit score.

negative emotion icon

Negative Emotions

The fear and embarrasment of applying for credit or loans can affect you in different ways. The emotional toll on your mental health can leave you feeling hopeless, causing unnecessary stress, anxiety, and loss of confidence.

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Difficulty Buying a House

Buying a house with bad credit will be stressful and cost you more due to higher interest rates. You will be required to provide proof and write letters explaining your credit situation to mortgage underwriters.

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Relying on Co-Signers

If a bank requires a co-signer for a loan application, you must now spend time to find someone who will take on the burden to meet your financial needs.

The good news is, it does not have to be this way!



Joins the movement forcing credit bureaus and debt collectors to f*ck off.